Grooming an Australian Shepherd Step-by-Step Process

A request was made for an updated grooming video – so here it is!

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  1. excellent how to! very informative. You make it seem so easy and almost fun. Most I did for my Aussies was bathe and brush them. Trimming I left up to the professionals.

  2. My Australian would jump in the tub she loved it lord I miss her I would clean her ears and she would turn her head for each ear cutest thing ever

  3. I know my little girl wouldn't be that good 😂 She's a mini Australian Shepherd/Corgi mix that I rescued and I've only had her for 5 weeks. She isn't as fluffy with her fur but she has the tufts of hair on her ears, legs and behind. She actually looks more like a mini border collie ❤️ whatever I love her to pieces ❣️

  4. Follow my sisters adorable Aussie pup, Astrid! @tailsofastrid
    She posts tricks, tips, coupon codes, and she’s starting to sell matching bandanas and scrunchies soon!

  5. your vids have been the most helpful I've been able to find! I have an Aussie (with a tail) and his hair has just gotten longer, thicker, and more difficult to groom every year. He's the first long-haired dog i've ever had. I had no idea how to use the clippers, scissors or even which brushes to use. Thanks so much!!

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