What FOOD is Best for My DOG?

If you are unsure what to look for in dog food, AnimalWised provides what factors you need to consider when choosing your brand. Not only do we need to buy a quality feed, but we need to consider the individual needs of our dog. In doing so, we can best understand the question what food is best for my dog?

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  1. I always look at ingredients! I feed my 13 year old Chihuahua a senior chicken and rice formula from NutriSource along with homemade food (ground chicken or turkey, brown rice, vegetables). I almost completely switched to homemade a few months ago and he loves it!! I still mix some kibble in so he gets those nutrients though.

  2. My son and wife fed their $800 puppy farm "runt" (smallest of the litter) Yourkie, Pedigree Dog Food and nothing else… Yourkies are said to live up to 16 years old, but their dog died at 7 years old…
    I do have to mention, they never had the dew claws taken off, or any other claws trimmed the entire 7 years… Nor, any vet visits to clip them when they grew into it's flesh… But cried when she died, and had her cremated…
    If you are too STUPID to know how to care for an animal, or can't afford their care, then DON'T GET ONE!!!

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