IS THERE A DIFFERENCE?!? DOG grooming clipper blades and comb attachments-what is the difference? How to properly use them? How to groom your dog like a professional! I put a demo together for you to demonstrate using snap on combs. I’ll be trimming a large Labradoodle named Diesel. How to use DOG GROOMING CLIPPER BLADES and COMB ATTACHMENTS on a LARGE DOODLE!

I want to make sure you understand you cannot use snap on combs to give your dog a hair cut if you have not properly prepared your dogs coat for trimming. This demo will show you exactly how to do that my friends!

Clipper comb attachments cannot stand up to clipper blades when it comes to trimming dog breeds with thicker coats such as Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Doodles and a lot of our favorite mixed breed dogs.
If your dog has a matted coat or an abundance of dead coat your will find using snap on comb attachments is not an option. They will not get through the coat and will snag and get caught in the tangles. Which leaves you only two options…To use a clipper blade that is short enough to get between the skin and the mats or De-mat your dogs coat prior to attempting to clip it.

De-matting is not something most novice groomers are capable of achieving successfully…. as this method takes years of practice and know how to safely accomplish a perfectly prepared coat for clipping.
It is not easy to groom your dogs hair without proper training. In fact, most people don’t even have the proper tools, let alone understanding how to use them correctly. Any tools you can use to make it easier to give your dog a good looking hair cut is something of value to you and your pet.

The only downside to grooming with snap on combs, is that they may not leave the coat as long as you’d like it to be. The largest size guard combs in the wahl set is a 1 inch. IF you desire longer length of coat than that, you will have to learn to freehand cut…which is hand scissor trimming.

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