GROOMING a NewFoundland DOG step by step LESSON

Geib This video is up close and specific to learning grooming a Newfoundland dog step by step lesson. Propper de-shedding, feet, ears and sanitary trim and much more! I am teaming up with another professional pet groomer to share tips, tricks, products and techniques in order to provide you the best Newfoundland tutorial you will ever find on YouTube:)

De-shed a double-coated dog the easy way and the proper methods to achieve that.
Did you know there is an easy way to groom a dog? Dog Grooming Steps-How to Groom a Dog from Start to Finish (give your dog a haircut) In this video “dog grooming lesson-step by step workshop” I will walk you through all the steps of a standard haircut for dogs. This demo is very informative so grab a snack and a cup of coffee and together we will walk through all the methods of a basic haircut for dogs!

You may only want to learn to groom your dog at home and this video will teach you exactly how to achieve that my friend. Understanding how to cut dog hair is the first pre-requisite to a successful pet trim for the beginner dog groomer. Learn to give your dog a haircut fast and easily. I will also share some of my favorite tools and products in this demo, showing you how to find pet products online that will produce winning results. Teaching you how to cut a dogs fur like a professional is my mission on Go Groomer.

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